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Carbon-Rich Mulch

Composting is one of the most affordable ways to properly dispose of animal carcasses. It's a simple, low-cost method that produces something useful from the waste – a mineral-dense fertilizer that can be spread throughout pastures!

To compost carcasses successfully, it's crucial to provide the energy needed for microorganisms to break everything down as quickly as possible. That's where our Carbon-Rich Mulch comes in…

At Mueller Pallets, we have an abundance of Carbon-Rich Mulch available (by the semi load)! Pricing is based on volume and delivery options.

Call us at (605) 368-2440 during business hours to learn more.


The region's leader in pallets and wood recycling. We are now receiving all manner of waste wood for recycling purposes.
IPPC Certified in pallet and crate construction means you can ship anywhere in the world.
We will pick up, recycle, and dispose of unwanted pallets and crates.


27059 Mueller Place
Sioux Falls, SD 57108
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