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Bug Stamp Program

Mueller Pallets participates in the Bug Stamp Program to ensure exported shipments meet specific regulations. We keep the proper documentation, as well as send a copy with the product or pallet used to ship customers' items.

What is a bug stamp? Do I need one?
Many countries require the ISPM-15 (Bug Stamp) certifying that the lumber used to fabricate wood crates and pallets is heat-treated to meet their regulations. Some countries even require the removal of all bark before the crate is assembled.

This program is critical to avoid foreign pest infestation that can wreak havoc on fragile ecosystems. ISPM-15 certified pallets and crates clearly display the Mueller Pallets government-issued stamp and lets customs authorities know that the product has been properly treated and is safe for import. Any lumber used inside a crate for securing the product also needs a ISPM-15 stamp.

How is the bug stamp used or identified at the foreign port?
Once the crate arrives at a foreign port, authorities can trace the pallet or crate back to its origin. Mueller Pallets has more than two decades of international shipping experience, ensuring our products are delivered without incident.

What happens if I ship my products on a pallet or crate that doesn't meet ISPM-15 standards?
Uncertified wood containers and pallets will either be fumigated or destroyed at the port, along with their contents. International shipments and these bugs are taken very seriously. It is highly recommended to consult professionals prior to shipping internationally to avoid costly damages or even a total loss.

Mueller Pallets ensures a stress-free solution to international shipping. Contact us today for more information on how we could be of benefit.


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