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Got wood? Don’t chuck it! Recycle it! FREE!

  • Load up your wood and brush on truck or trailer.
  • Secure it snugly with ties and/or tarp.
  • Leaves and grassy yard waste are not accepted!
  • Take it to the Mueller Pallets drop-off site (map below.)
  • Back it up to the correct pile: wet or dry (construction) wood.
  • Unload! It’s THAT EASY!
See how easy it is to drop off wood for recycling. FREE!

Learn more about Mueller Pallets' wood grinding/recycling program:

Mueller Pallets enables the general public to recycle their wood waste FREE at their Sioux Falls drop-off site, reducing landfill pressure and cost.

And when natural disasters—tornadoes or ice storms—uproot trees and scatter branches and wood waste, Mueller Pallets drops everything and comes to the aid of regional communities. With their state-of-the-art equipment, eagerness to help, and hardworking team, Mueller Pallets has equipped themselves to serve when and where there is a need.

"If there's an emergency, we drop everything and go," said Margie Mueller, owner of Mueller Pallets. "The terrible flooding we had this spring and the recent devastation from the tornado were no different."

The Mueller Pallets is a zero-waste operation. In addition to the manufacturing, reconditioning, and recycling of pallets and the manufacturing of custom crates, Mueller Pallets grinds wood waste for boiler fuel, wholesale mulch, and other uses.

"When we started grinding wood for a customer in 2007, there was enough wood to fill a football field 300 feet deep, per year, of raw material, and since then, I think we've more than doubled that," said Henry Mueller.

Mueller Pallets has created a culture of sustainability. What most would consider destined for the landfill gets new life when in their hands. Nothing goes to waste – even nails and staples are removed and recycled by the ton.

"A lot of recycling is just being resourceful. If you can find value in your waste, then why not try to use that," said Phil Mueller. "Our wood grinders have magnets to capture the steel nails, screws, and any metal that passes through, and we can recycle that."

It's no secret that landfills are filling up at an alarming rate, and Mueller is paying attention. One way the Mueller family is combatting the buildup is by giving communities an opportunity to recycle their wood waste for free through one of their two drop-off sites.

"With the help of our community, we've saved a lot of cells and changed a lot of these landfills in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska," said Margie. "Working with us, you become part of something sustainable and honest."

What began as a humble side-gig out of a garage has grown into a successful and progressive business that takes pride in their flexibility to adapt to the needs of the communities it serves.

Recycle your wood waste for FREE and feel good about it by taking your material to Mueller Pallets' drop-off site:

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The region's leader in pallets and wood recycling. We are now receiving all manner of waste wood for recycling purposes.
IPPC Certified in pallet and crate construction means you can ship anywhere in the world.
We will pick up, recycle, and dispose of unwanted pallets and crates.


27059 Mueller Place
Sioux Falls, SD 57108
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