Did You Know
There are over 2 billion pallets in use today across America.

Pallets & Crates

Pallet Services

Waste Wood Disposal

Livestock Bedding

Landscape Mulch

Woodchip Fuel

Wood Recycling and
the Environment

Landfill Relief



Pallet Reconditioning:
our service can keep your pallets in shape and save you money.

Pallet and Crate Recycling:
Get rid of your broken pallets. We will pick up at little or no cost.

Pallet Sorting, Grading and Storage:
We’ll tackle your heap and make sense out of it for you.
40,000 square foot warehouse.

FREE Waste-Wood Disposal:
We can pick up, or you can drop off broken pallets
at no cost (zero “tipping fees”).

Contract Product Supply Service:
never run out of pallets again.

We buy 40 X 48 4-way pallets in any condition,
all at a single premium rate.