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Woodchip Fuel

A special-purpose product for larger industrial application in adapted furnaces, Mueller Pallets' Woodchip Fuel has to be an environmentalist secret! Burns cleanly, at about ¼ the cost of natural gas per BTU.

Boilers converted for woodchip fuel are efficient and clean, and wood energy is renewable. When woodchip fuel is used, the trees re-planted to replace those being recycled reabsorb the carbon dioxide released by woodchip fuel in a neverending cycle.
  • Cost-effective, as low as ¼ per BTU of natural gas
  • Fully automated, highly efficient boiler systems available from boiler suppliers
  • Recycled from a wide range of waste wood, sourced locally
  • Reduces landfill wood, saving tax dollars


The region's leader in pallets and wood recycling. We are now receiving all manner of waste wood for recycling purposes.
IPPC Certified in pallet and crate construction means you can ship anywhere in the world.
We will pick up, recycle, and dispose of unwanted pallets and crates.


27059 Mueller Place
Sioux Falls, SD 57108
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